Take the Guesswork Out of Employee Engagement

Talmetrix employee engagement
 September 27, 2016    Engagement, Retention

“Most businesses and industries are built for solving puzzles, not mysteries,” writes Bill Carmody, who is CEO of Trepoint and an Inc. Columnist. Carmody’s suggestion comes from listening and speaking to Malcolm Gladwell about how there are very few clearly … Continued

Why Learning is an Essential Tool for Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Talent

Talmetrix_Why Learning is an Essential Tool for Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Talent
 September 21, 2016    Engagement, Leadership, Retention

What’s the number one problem companies face today? The answer is a combination of employee engagement, culture and retention, according to Deloitte’s recent research involving 3,200 respondents across more than 100 countries. In a world shifting towards an “always on” … Continued

BlackbookHR is now Talmetrix!

 September 19, 2016    Engagement

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: September 19, 2016 BlackbookHR, a company helping organizations engage and retain talent through innovative workforce insights and employee intelligence has a new name: Talmetrix. Talmetrix is the convergence of two words: Talent and Metrics.  It reflects both … Continued

What Drives Employee Engagement?

drivers of engagement
 September 15, 2016    Engagement

Improving employee engagement to attain higher levels of retention is on every leader’s mind.  According to a study conducted by Josh Bersin from Bersin by Deloitte, “Our research suggests that the issues of ‘retention and engagement’ have risen to No. … Continued

How Great Managers Use the Art of the Possible to Drive Engagement

Blog Chris Powell
 September 14, 2016    Engaged Cultures, Engagement

“Are you practicing the art of the possible, or are your practicing the art of limitation?” That’s the question that inspired the conversation between Sean Kelly, host of the Awesome Office Show, and Chris Powell, Talmetrix’s, formerly BlackbookHR, CEO. Knowing … Continued

HR Insider Insights: A Interview with Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Nelson Headshot 2015 (350)
 September 9, 2016    Engagement

At Talmetrix, we strive to help inform and educate our readers to become better leaders and to create dynamic, talent-focused organizations. As such, we seek out industry thought leaders to provide an authentic point of view on the areas of employee feedback, … Continued

10 Employee Engagement Blogs You Should Be Reading

top HR blogs you should be reading
 September 7, 2016    Engagement, HR Insiders, Leadership, People Analytics

We’re always looking for engaging insights on talent management, workforce analytics and employee feedback. Here we share 10 of the top blogs we consistently follow to make sure we’re a part of the employee engagement conversation.

The Art and Science of the Employee Engagement Process

The Art and Science of the Employee Engagement Process
 August 30, 2016    Engagement

As with any business process, there’s an art and a science to employee engagement. The art of employee engagement is informed by your culture, leadership style and other important but intangible factors that are unique to your organization. The science … Continued

Meet Justin Zawaly: Talmetrix’s New COO

Meet Justin Zawaly: BlackbookHR’s New COO
 August 29, 2016    Engagement

Justin Zawaly, Talmetrix’s new chief operating officer, brings a strong background in sales and marketing leadership from the financial services industry, as well as substantial experience in working with high-growth companies. He is a coach at the Ocean Accelerator and … Continued

How to Ensure Employee Communication Supports Engagement

 August 23, 2016    Engagement

Engagement is the level of effort an individual is willing to give to achieve a goal. It may look different depending on the organization, department or employee, but when it comes down to it, engagement is the willingness to make … Continued

4 Business Outcomes Directly Related to Employee Engagement

4 Business Outcomes Directly Related to Employee Engagement
 August 18, 2016    Engagement

There’s no doubt about it: Any kind of engagement effort is going to create alignment among employees and departments. Increased and improved communication will keep everyone on the same page and moving toward the same goal. This three-step move of … Continued

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