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Talmetrix turns feedback into performance 

Our proprietary library of validated assessments are designed to provide actionable and predictive insights regarding engagement, performance and retention.

Most organizations use metrics such as job satisfaction, pride and willingness to refer to measure engagement. For organizations focused on improving outcomes such as performance, productivity and retention, we have developed a more advanced engagement measurement system tied to accountability and performance that can be integrated across your performance management, employee life cycle, and engagement feedback programs and processes.

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Employee Feedback Examples

Validated Survey Products

Talmetrix does extensive research on understanding the factors that make up the employee experience. The following survey products are ready to field to get quick insights on improving performance, retention, and the employee experience. All surveys include interactive dashboard access, an executive report, and the ability to understand group differences in experience within your organization (e.g., by team, department/division, age, race, gender, or role).

IMPACT Engagement Survey

The Talmetrix IMPACT Survey measures the entire employee experience and identifies the factors driving engagement, performance and retention for an organization and/or team. The Talmetrix IMPACT Survey includes 88 questions across 14 factors of the employee experience. Using this survey, organizations also receive insights from the Talmetrix’s Inclusion & Equality Index (IEI), a cross-section of questions fielded in this survey that provide insight of an organization’s culture relative to diversity, inclusion, equality and equity.  

Manager Effectiveness Survey

Measures the most critical aspects of leader/manager performance and effectiveness: Empowerment, Engagement, Innovation, My Manager, Org. Climate, Org. Effectiveness. The Manager Effectiveness survey is intended to be sent to the entire organization with the goal of identifying leaders/managers within the organization who have need for development, as well as identifying top-performing leaders/managers. It can also provide insight into trends in leadership opportunities and strengths across the organization.

Remote Work Experience Survey

With shifts in where and how work happens, it’s critical for organizations and leaders to know how these changes are impacting employees’ mindset, experience, and productivity. The Remote Work Experience Survey delivers insights on employees’ experience and sentiment around topics that are particularly important to remote workers, such as work-role stress, optimism, collaboration, autonomy, organizational effectiveness, and work-life balance. This survey can be fielded to the entire organization or only to employees working remotely.

Engagement Pulse Survey

The Engagement Pulse Survey is ideal for organizations that want to capture employee experience feedback more frequently. The Engagement Pulse survey is versatile and can be a follow-up survey to the IMPACT survey or it can be fielded independently and run multiple times within a given year to provide up to date insights on the dynamic employee experience.

Diversity & Inclusion Climate Survey

The Diversity & Inclusion Climate Survey provides an assessment of the cultural attitudes and behaviors within an organization related to diversity and inclusion. The survey generates insights about employees’ beliefs, attitudes and sentiment regarding equitable treatment, leadership committment, discrimination, harrassment, belongingness, inclusion, and manager/peer support. This survey can be fielded to the entire organization or to a representative subset of the employee population to improve an organization's culture and climate.

Build & Custom Feedback Solutions

Given our extensive survey library, technology, and experienced solutions advisory and success teams, we can partner with you to design and administer solutions to meet your needs. We can customize or create solutions measuring and analyzing the following:

  • 360 Feedback

  • Change Management

  • Culture

  • Organizational Health

  • Pre & Post Assessments

  • Pulse Surveys

Insights to Action

Our market-leading employee feedback platform makes it easy to capture input from your employees and understand the insights and focus areas at the organization, manager/team and individual levels.

The integrated action planning module lets you utilize your data to plan, assign tasks and manage organizational change.

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