I spent a long time in corporate HR – over 20 years – figuring out how to achieve the best balance between employer/employee needs and return on investment. The biggest challenge I faced was having all of the information available to me (performance, payroll, time and attendance, etc) packaged properly in order to make informed decisions.

Organizations are human systems, and in many places, they are not managed in that way. Instead, they are measured like a mechanical system. This is not sustainable.

Recent studies show that the current system to manage people is not working as it should. Attrition rates are skyrocketing, every day another company struggles publicly with Diversity and Inclusion, and the costs to employers to manage all of it are exponential.

Organic systems change and move in ways that a mechanical system cannot. You can’t know what a person is thinking or experiencing unless they tell you. Even if they do tell you, there are relational factors that are completely invisible to anyone outside of the immediate peer group.

Working with people makes HR an art, rather than a science, and it needs to be treated as such.

I set out three years ago to build a product that could help measure a human system as it changes. This is a tough task, and my team had a huge learning curve.

Talmetrix was created out of this work.

Talmetrix is a talent analytics and insights company that captures, aggregates, and connects talent data to improve employee retention, performance, engagement, and brand reputation.

The Talmetrix platform provides the the ability to capture employee feedback across multiple touchpoints (Engagement, Brand Reputation, New Hire, Exit, and Pulse, among others) and leverages a comprehensive academically validated survey library with intuitive real-time configurable dashboards.

Working with my team’s unique combination of software, content, data/analytics, and advisory, we connect your engagement data with other talent data sources to understand the impact of talent initiatives on business results. From performance to productivity to customer satisfaction, Talmetrix delivers actionable insights in simple executive dashboards.

What does this mean for organizations?

It means that HR leaders can finally gather all of the information available in one place. It means that feelings and relationships can be evaluated, cross-referenced and improved, rather than being implied or guessing. It means that HR leaders can spend their time solving problems, rather than locating them.

Talmetrix is the solution I wanted when I was an HR leader.

And today, I am proud to say HR leaders around the world use Talmetrix to impact business outcomes.

Contact my team today – we’ve got your back.


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