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“What do you love about what you do?”

That was one of the many powerful questions that resonated with many of the attendees at Elevate 2016, the world’s largest HR conference with more than 50 speakers delivering strategies and tactics to help executives and business leaders elevate their work.

#Elevate2016—which was called a “knowledge party” during the mega event—was a day full of insights, inspiration, and ideas on strategic HR, employee engagement, creating high-performance cultures, and much more. A few notable speakers included:

1. Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix, Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant: McCord spoke about how to rethink your high-performing team. One of the most-tweeted sessions of the day, Patty challenged how we think about the way we work together—including iteration and innovation, and how they come together for high-performing cultures. “How do we really take a look at what we do, and think about it in terms of making our workplaces amazing places to be? Let’s start with that,” she said.

2. Marshall Goldsmith, “#1 Thinker in the World,” author, and executive coach: Goldsmith spoke about how when certain steps in the coaching process are followed, leaders almost always can find the behavioral change they are after. “This process has been used around the world with great success – by both external coaches and internal coaches,” he said.

3. Josh Bersin, Founder and Principal of Bersin by Deloitte: “Work has become quite dynamic, always-on, and relentless in some sense,” explained Bersin, who shared how almost every company right now is trying to adapt to a faster-moving, digital marketplace, based on recent research conducted by his company. Bersin shared how HR can create a “simple irresistible organization,” a framework based on research conducted on employee engagement. How he begins to define a fantastic work environment: An authentic culture of recognition (including feedback), inclusion, diversity, growth opportunities, and a place that is flexible and humanistic.

4. Chris Powell, CEO of Talmetrix: Powell shared his unique insights on the critical drivers that impact engagement (and the employee experience) and how they can clearly be tied back to the desired business outcomes of an organization. “It takes a collective community to deliver on, and improve, the employee experience,” he said.

5. Shawn Vanderhoven, CEO of UP: Vanderhoven talked about how the best leaders use empathy to build mutually transformational agreements. “When a person’s job is transformative for their career while simultaneously helping their company breakthrough to the next level, engagement becomes automatic, and potential is unlocked,” he said.

Here are 12 of the top talent management and leadership insights captured during #Elevate2016:

Master the Art & Science of Engagement

Engaged organizations are high-performance organizations, and that’s why all leaders should integrate a continuous employee feedback program into their business processes.

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art and science of engagement

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