Three Reasons Talmetrix is the Right Choice for Employee Feedback Versus A Generic Survey Tool

Here at Talmetrix, we often say that our biggest competitors aren’t other companies that focus on employee feedback and insights. Our biggest competition is organizations not collecting employee feedback, or using a generic surveying platform to do so. While employee engagement and employee experience solutions are becoming more popular, many still don’t understand the robust capabilities that they offer.

We get it: free survey tools can seem like a quick and easy way to do something about a problem. But using a platform that was never designed to be used by human resources professionals or to track analytics will never give you the insights you need to turn your data into action. Here are the top three reasons to choose Talmetrix over a generic survey tool:


  • Talmetrix increases usefulness of your results. Discovering the right answers starts with asking the right questions. A generic template will not provide the answers you need if it was not designed to address the specific concerns of your workforce. Talmetrix’s robust library of survey content includes 200+ academically validated questions. This means that after choosing the questions most relevant to your organization, you will know your results are meaningful and can be acted upon confidently.


  • If a platform wasn’t created for HR insights, it can’t deliver HR insights. Talmetrix was built from the ground-up to analyze and visualize survey results in a way that is useful and relevant to human resources professionals. On our platform, you’ll experience streamlined insights in real-time. And for the data-obsessed, our Insights Team will customize deeper-level insights. Viewing your results, you’ll start with a quick synopsis and then discover areas where your organization scored particularly high or low. Sort by age, gender, tenure – or any other data point you choose – to discover who is experiencing highs or lows. All the while, advanced anonymity thresholds protect employees’ answers. With free surveying tools, you’ll often have the opportunity to survey anonymously, but the anonymity will not always be protected in the reporting.


  • Connect your results to business outcomes. When you use the Talmetrix Employee Experience Survey as a starting point, you’ll have analytics for all of your key drivers, such as engagement and turnover, as well as predictive analytics. After you’ve sent your first survey, Talmetrix makes it easy to send pulse surveys as follow-ups so that you can survey a smaller population or ensure the action you’ve put into place is working.


Whether you’re running your first survey or your hundredth pulse, Talmetrix provides you with a dedicated Solutions Advisor every step of the way. With more than 20 years of human resources experience, we understand that the last thing you need is more data on your desk. That’s why we provide more than software; our solution makes us a true partner.

Curious if your organization needs to collect employee feedback? If you’re at the point where managers no longer have a pulse on employee feelings by simply walking around or looking across the table, you need an efficient way to collect and analyze feedback. Problems are easier and cheaper to fix when they’re spotted early. Take the first step to improving your employee experience today, and contact Talmetrix for a demo.

Talmetrix is an employee feedback and insights solution that helps organizations better attract and retain talent to achieve business goals. Our solution makes it easy for organizations to capture employee feedback (feelings) and organizational data (facts) to discover actionable insights. With a unique combination of software, content, data, and advisory support we can help you measure and improve your employee experience.

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