The Evolution of HR Practices

The Evolution of HR PracticesThis is a modified version of a post that originally appeared on the Bonusly blog

I recently talked to George Dickson at Bonuslyabout the evolution of HR, and the importance of facilitating, rather than just measuring, engagement. Here are some of my thoughts:

Why Technology is Important to Human Resources

It’s not only a tool for the organization to use and benefit from; it’s also a tool for the manager and employees to benefit from. HR tools and solutions are often one-dimensional, exclusively beneficial to the employer, and of little use to the employee.

Our design strategy is to create a unique value proposition for the organization, the managers inside the organization, and the employees. In terms of the design usefulness and valuable insights to help them retain talent, produce more, and perform better, all of it is designed for a higher outcome and not just exclusively around engagement as a means to an end. It’s all about creating better outcomes.”

Closing the Information Gap

During my time as a human resources practitioner, I always felt like I was a day late, and a dollar short —  that the information I had was dated and never addressed the problem at hand. Meanwhile, my colleagues in sales had up-to-the-minute information, and operations always knew what was happening on a real-time basis.

Tools like ours are able to give insight in a much faster, more relevant way to shape business decisions about where to put resources, where to change, where to pivot. It also tells you where to stop what you’re doing, because HR is notorious for adding stuff on instead of saying, ‘What should we stop doing?’

On Employees Benefiting from HR’s Evolution

When HR embraces modern tools and processes, employees can benefit. Our customers find that their engagement increases. When the organization brings in tools that are contemporary, the employees are using it more — they’re more engaged. There’s a higher sense that ‘I’m at a place where I can share my voice and have impact and realize my purpose.’ But also, the ability to co-create faster happens when you have tools that facilitate this data in the workplace. And so, clearly, we’re measuring engagement, but we’re also working to facilitate engagement.

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