The Emotional Side of Employee Engagement

The Emotional Side of Employee EngagementTo create an organization full of highly engaged employees, you need to appeal to people’s emotions and help them fall in love with your organization and their work. Once they’ve fallen in love, let them pursue projects they’re passionate about to keep the love, productivity and creativity flowing.

This week I’ve been reading about some of the emotional aspects of employee engagement. Here are some articles I found particularly helpful.

Why Engagement Happens in Employees’ Hearts, Not Their Minds. Fast Company: “While it used to be that people derived their greatest sense of happiness from time spent with family and hobbies, how satisfied workers feel in their jobs now determines their overall happiness with life. This monumental shift means that job fulfillment has become essential to people everywhere.”

Tips To Bring Energies To Employee Engagement. Talent Culture: “As with the other investments in one’s employee engagement, energy and engagement are mutually reinforcing. An energized employee engages more fully; an engaged employee draws energy from the engagement. This mutual enhancement generates specific values your company derives from increased attention to employee energy.”

How to Influence and Sustain Employee Engagement. Business 2 Community: “According to research conducted by Gallup, employee engagement is influenced by two dimensions: Purpose: People who are highly engaged aren’t just piling rocks; they are building a cathedral. They invest their work with a sense of mission, passion, pride, and accomplishment. They believe their work is worthy. Control: People who are highly engaged aren’t meaningless cogs in a machine; they see themselves as powerful and in control. They have a sense of their own efficacy, access, influence, clout, respect, and ability to make a difference. They know that they and their organization have the control required to accomplish their purpose.”

What’s Employee And Brand Love Got To Do With It? Forbes: “In the world of work, do we talk about love enough? I don’t think so. In terms of people it sounds light and fuzzy, but love is at the root of talent management: attraction, recruitment, hiring, engagement, retention and employee recognition. And it’s about passion. Whatever our role, we are aiming for a momentum and a stamina that’s driven by passion, because that’s what we can leverage into better performance, better sales, better results. Among ourselves, our teams, our colleagues, our customers, our partnerships….There’s no better recruiting and employee engagement tool than people who are in love with their work and convey their passion for the company.”

How to Spark Employee Passion: Lessons From 2 Business Giants. From Startup to Growup: “Encourage Your People To Screw Up. As [Richard] Branson says, believing in your employees and letting them have a go at projects they are passionate about – even when these are just over their heads – will create a level of energy that is unparalleled with that of the ‘must-do’ projects or keeping your employee stuck in the daily grind. Providing for a continuous safety net by coaching them all along the project will make sure they don’t fall too hard when they do slip and give you insurance for a positive outcome.”

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