Talmetrix Employee Experience Survey – “Connecting Talent to Business Outcomes”

As a leading employee feedback and insights company, we often hear HR leaders voicing similar complaints:


“I don’t understand the link between our employee experience and problems attracting and retaining talent.”

“I’m focusing on workplace engagement, but I still feel like I’m missing the bigger picture.”

“I want to develop a people strategy, but I’m not equipped with the workforce insights that I need to make an effective one.”


We believe that every company should be equipped and enabled to measure and improve their employee experience, which is why we created the Talmetrix Employee Experience Survey™. Our newest survey goes beyond engagement to measure the holistic employee experience and give you the insights you need to create an effective people strategy.

“You have to measure what matters and what’s relevant for your organization,” says Chris Powell, Talmetrix CEO. “Engagement is one of the many things that matters, but it’s not the only thing. Our broader, more comprehensive survey touches on the many drivers that influence employees.”

The Talmetrix Employee Experience Survey is academically validated and proven to identify drivers of engagement and intent to leave, among other attributes. And because we know that employee feedback and insights are nothing without action, you’ll also be provided with recommendations on who should take action to best improve targeted outcomes for your organization.

The survey is comprised of fourteen categories such as My Job, My Manager, Decision Making/Empowerment, and more. Custom questions may also be added to address specific needs within your organization.

Be one of the first to see the Talmetrix Employee Experience Survey in action, and schedule a demo today. We can’t wait to show you how simple it is to start measuring and improving your employee experience.


Talmetrix is an employee feedback and insights solution that helps organizations better attract and retain talent to achieve business goals. Our solution makes it easy for organizations to capture employee feedback (feelings) and organizational data (facts) to discover actionable insights. With a unique combination of software, content, data, and advisory support we can help you measure and improve your employee experience.

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