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How Does Employee Engagement Affect Company Performance?

A recent cover story in the Association for Talent Development highlighted much of what our bread and butter is here at Talmetrix: how a culture of engagement is tied to improved company performance, manager effectiveness, retention, and productivity.  Here are a few other noteworthy articles on the topic, including where people analytics will continue to come into play in the

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Business, HR & Talent Predictions for 2017

We’ve compiled responses from a group of HR and talent management thought leaders on what they learned in the last year, and what they’ll be watching in 2017. See part one and part two in the series, and then read the rest of their predictions below. Fill in the blank: In 2017, talent-focused organizations will move away from _____ and move

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Sometimes the Little Things Can Make a Big Difference in Employee Engagement

Company leaders sometimes think an employee engagement initiative has to be a huge undertaking, with new programs and efforts to move the needle. While big gestures are important, don’t discount the little things, because they can be just as effective in building a culture of engagement at your organization. The Power of a Name When I worked as an HR

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