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Business, HR & Talent Predictions for 2017

We’ve compiled responses from a group of HR and talent management thought leaders on what they learned in the last year, and what they’ll be watching in 2017. See part one and part two in the series, and then read the rest of their predictions below. Fill in the blank: In 2017, talent-focused organizations will move away from _____ and move

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3 Ways Predictive Analytics Is Shaping Talent Management

What if you could look into the future and determine which new hires would best succeed at your company? There’s always some uncertainty around hiring, even if you use interview panels and personality assessments. But technology is changing that: With predictive analytics, it’s now possible to get a clearer picture of how new employees might perform at your organization, how

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What Story Is Your Employee Data Telling You?

The vast majority of employers that take the time to examine employee satisfaction or employee engagement still rely on the traditional once-a-year survey to do so. That’s like using a VHS player to watch movies at home when you could have easily — and affordably — upgraded to DVD, Blu-ray or an online video service years ago. In the C-suite,

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