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What is a Manager’s Role in Engaging Employees?

Employee engagement — and disengagement — has serious effects on businesses, but it isn’t a metric that can be moved by members of the C-suite alone. Managers play an integral role in engaging employees at all levels of an organization. I recently connected with MindLight Group founder Esther Weinberg, author of “Become a Successful Leader: 57 Simple Strategies Any Leader

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Why Employee Recognition Matters — And How to Get It Right

It takes more than basic rewards — think pay and benefits — to really engage and retain top talent. Great employees also want to know they’re doing a good job and that someone appreciates their hard work. When employees feel acknowledged, they are more likely to be motivated and productive in their everyday work lives. Employee recognition doesn’t have to

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There are Plenty of Ways to Motivate and Engage Your Employees

A lack of motivation is what keeps you in your pajamas all day watching Netflix when you should be doing laundry or exercising. The business equivalent of this is employees who are phoning it in, not doing their best work and seriously undermining your bottom line. Unhappy, sluggish employees are killers for an organization. Motivation and engagement are the cure.

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Employee Engagement Isn’t a Game

What would you do with a beautiful summer Saturday? I bet people thought of a variety of answers to that question — and “work” wasn’t a common one. Yet that’s exactly what John on Talmetrix’s development team did one gorgeous Saturday this past summer. When he awoke to the sun shining outside his bedroom, John’s first thought was “what would be

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