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4 Ways the Best HR Leaders Support Organizational Change

How do you define a “strong” or “positive” company culture?  How do you maintain a strong culture through organizational change? It’s true that a so-called “strong” company culture is one where employees are engaged.   When employees are engaged performance, productivity, retention, profitability, innovation, service, and customer experience all benefit. But as a recent Harvard Business Review article, “HR Can’t

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How Great Managers Use the Art of the Possible to Drive Engagement

“Are you practicing the art of the possible, or are your practicing the art of limitation?” That’s the question that inspired the conversation between Sean Kelly, host of the Awesome Office Show, and Chris Powell, Talmetrix’s, formerly BlackbookHR, CEO. Knowing that Powell is a bit of a rarity in the world of HR tech—as he’s a CEO who has spent most

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Road Map to Engagement, Step 7: How to Create an Engagement Action Plan

We’ve been mapping out steps to employee engagement. Review the steps that got us here. We’ve reached the end of our road map to engagement. If you’ve followed along, we’ve recommended some quick engagement fixes — and now it’s time to dig into the long-term work.  There’s a lot going on at this point; you’ll likely be juggling plans for

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6 Steps to Building Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now — so hot, you might think it’s simply a flash in the pan. But engagement is here to stay because when done correctly, it gets results. According to Gallup, engaged companies perform better than their competition; Harvard Business Review recently shared several studies that show positive cultures are more productive. Organizations simply

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3 Questions Every HR Leader Should Be Asking as They Prepare for 2015

A company I worked at earlier in my career had a tradition of hosting a huge holiday party for employees and their spouses and partners, complete with food, drinks and favors. Over the course of two decades, the company and the party grew in numbers, but the favors and festivities shrank. Longtime employees were sad the holiday party wasn’t what

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