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How to Engage Healthcare Employees

The healthcare industry is facing some major challenges: More people have health insurance, boomer-aged providers are retiring and technological advances are changing the way care is provided. Related companies in the healthcare sphere — such as health tech companies, assisted-living companies and so on — are facing similar challenges. We’ve seen those challenges first-hand as we’ve helped clients like Assurex

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3 Ways Engaged Employees Will Grow Your Business

Engagement efforts are really all about change management. When you learn how your employees feel about their work, you’ll likely identify changes you should make. Change can be disorienting, but you’ll find the rewards are worth it. Engagement has a direct effect on the bottom line. Here are three ways engaged employees will grow your business. They’ll Like Their Work

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How to Choose Employee Engagement Tools – Best Practices

Great employee engagement tools go beyond a simple survey. Great tools help you communicate and learn how to boost drivers of engagement. They’re dynamic — they change and grow with your organization and employees. Picking great engagement tools and technology, however, can be a challenge. I talked to human resources technology adviser George Larocque of #HRWins recently to get some insight on how to pick the

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HBR: How Employee Engagement Affects Business Outcomes

When companies start traveling the road map to engagement, the improvements along the way can seem abstract. But the outcomes of engagement initiatives are more than increased employee satisfaction. Increased engagement drives real, measurable business results. At Talmetrix, we’re always working to link engagement to business outcomes, so I was encouraged to read this recent article from the Harvard Business

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How to Confront Your Employee Engagement Fears

This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on TLNT on Dec. 18, 2015. Employee engagement initiatives don’t have to be stressful. Change is hard, and a new engagement initiative can mean big changes in culture and operations at an organization. But those changes result in very good things like better retention, more satisfied employees, higher productivity and

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A Look Back at 2015: Employee Engagement Trends

If our team at Talmetrix learned anything in 2015, it’s this: Everyone wants to learn more about employee engagement. We saw that trend here on our blog. Our most-clicked blog posts in 2015 were: —How Trust Affects Employee Engagement —Nike Ignores Embeddedness, Loses Star CIO —How Engaging Office Design Can Help Improve Productivity —Paul Stoltz on the Importance of Grit —Deloitte

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How Employee Engagement Surveys Can Hurt Morale

Even the best intentions for understanding employee engagement can go south without the right strategy and execution. That’s what the Department of Homeland Security learned. According to an article by the Washington Post, it has the lowest morale of any large federal agency. Like any concerned employer, it started studying the problem. But once it got results, it didn’t take any action. Instead,

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