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How Talmetrix Supports Action Planning

After collecting feedback from employees, many leaders are asking: what is next and what should I do with the data? “Looking at the entire employee experience is one of the most effective ways to find opportunities to grow individuals and to grow your business,” says Sean Mayo, Talmetrix’s Director of Client Services. Trying to capture ways to “improve culture” can

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People Practices & Organization Design: Bersin’s Predictions for Change in 2017

Bersin by Deloitte continually delivers research designed to help organizations in their HR, talent, and learning strategies. These research-based strategies help leaders deliver better performance and to develop their people.


Engaged Cultures: Harshaw Trane

Talmetrix is on a mission to recognize companies and leaders like Harshaw Trane below, that achieve high performance through engaged cultures. We’re spotlighting companies where employees are proud to work and are doing great things, but their stories might not make headlines. Great cultures and employee engagement aren’t built on crazy perks, but in the way people work, the type

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