Measure, Facilitate, Improve

Employee Feedback and Unique Workforce Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

Leading brands use the Talmetrix platform to measure and facilitate their employee engagement to understand and improve business outcomes and processes including:

Retain Talent
Align Culture
Improve Performance
Increase Productivity
Change Management
Mergers, Acquisitions 
& Integrations
New Leader Assimilation & On-Boarding
Accelerate Innovation

Measure what influences employee engagment

Identify the drivers of engagement, retention and culture for your organization
Powerful Survey Engine Choose to field surveys with a 5-points likert and/or open ended questions.
Flexible Survey Constructs You can choose to use pre-built surveys, curate from the Sense library, use your existing survey and/or even use custom developed surveys. Multiple languages supported.
Comprehensive Survey Library Access 100+ professionally designed survey questions crafted under acceptable research standards to ensure reliable, valid and dependable results.
Design to Fit Your Organization Whether you seek to measure culture, job satisfaction, intent to stay, inclusion, sentiment or career mobility, Sense is designed to enable your engagement measurement needs.

Facilitate how engagement and organizational insights are measured

Use one or more feedback tools to uncover employees attitudes, behaviors and beliefs
Baseline Surveys Perform a current state analysis to establish starting points to monitor and track engagement over time, observe trends and create predictive models to understand retention drivers and intent to stay.
Pulse Surveys Quickly use 5-10 questions to solicit follow-up responses, gather improvement ideas or encourage feedback from teams or the entire organization for deeper insights.
Polling Single question survey enables you to ask a multiple-choice or open-ended question of teams or the entire organization to solicit follow-up, feedback or improvement ideas.
Social Feedback A powerful tool to crowdsource ideas and/or suggestions from employees around specific engagement topics including innovation, wellness, culture, facilities, events, and change initiatives to surface “top of mind” feedback.

Improve engagement with real-time reporting, analytics and insights

Empower your organization to make data-driven decisions
Visually-appealing, user-friendly dashboards Equip HR professionals, senior leaders, department managers and employees with configurable dashboards highlighting meaningful insights to understand engagement drivers within the organization, their teams and as individual contributors.
Aggregate Multiple Data Sources Access real time, valuable and useful insights from data sourced via survey campaigns, social feedback and employee demographic and talent data.
Dynamic Filtering Drill-down into data using filters on demographic factors, participation response, and favorable and unfavorable questions plus make comparisons across sub-sets and generate trending reports.
Configurable Engagement Platform Deliver a unique and branded experience to support your engagement initiatives including confidentiality thresholds, campaign population and content, participant experience and user access.

Gain confidence with expert guidance along your engagement journey

Leverage our customer first team to stay on track
Expert Solutions Advisor Get guidance on setting clear goals, tailoring your engagement campaign to meet your specific needs and determining the best “next steps” forward with implementation.
Support at Every Step Gain peace of mind with a dedicated account manager to equip and enable you to meet your needs easily and quickly.
From Analysis to Action Leverage our resources to utilize your results and develop an action plan for moving forward towards greater engagement.
Data and Security Requirements Safe Harbor certified, data privacy policies, SSL certificates for encrypting all communications, vulnerability scanning - all measures to ensure that your information remains private and safe.

Start Your Engagement Journey Today

The road map to engagement

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