Our market-leading employee feedback platform makes your employee experience drivers easy to understand, including  engagement, satisfaction, retention and employer brand reputation. From onboarding to exit, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Organizational feedback on topics such as culture, employee experience, employee engagement, manager effectiveness or custom for your specific organizational needs
  • Pulse, annual, quarterly surveys are all manageable with this platform
  • Identify key drivers and risks related to engagement, retention and employer brand reputation
  • Dedicated service helps you structure your data sets, design your survey, and understand results and insights
  • Comprehensive, academically validated employee feedback question library and benchmark data are included

Start with easy, customizable survey implementation.  Not sure what questions you need to ask?  Use our academically validated survey designs and questions.


Filter, analyze, and compare results across demographics to understand your employees.  Explore unique insights captured through our word cloud sentiment and key driver analysis.


Use what you learn to create action plans to retain desired talent and improve your employee experience.


Our platform aggregates and connects your data from various platforms, providing deep insights into your organization’s talent and their impact on business outcomes. With Intelligence, you can:

  • Create a centralized talent insights database
  • Link employee feedback to business outcomes
  • Understand how talent investments deliver business results, such as customer satisfaction
  • Get predictability around talent retention