People Analytics

From Data to Insights


Gain actionable insights to improve talent and business outcomes by leveraging your existing people and organization data from disparate systems.​

We support and partner with organizations to aggregate, integrate and process data from HR, Communications, Finance, Operations and/or other functions to produce actionable dashboards, reports, analysis and research to inform organizations on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to:

  • Workforce Planning

  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

  • Talent Pipeline & Succession Management

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

With Talmetrix, you get a partner that understands the intersection of talent, workforce and business data that power key performance indicator (KPIs) outcomes.

  • Get visibility into diversity, hiring and retention trends by function

  • Link employee feedback to business outcomes

  • Access predictive insights regarding talent retention and performance

  • Understand internal talent mobility trends

  • Analyze span of control and organizational structures 

With Talmetrix, you can:

Workforce Insights

Overall Workforce

New Hires & Turnover

Top Talent

Contingent Labor

Diversity & Inclusion

Gender & Race/Ethnicity

Age, Generational & Tenure Ranges

People with Disabilities


Veteran Representation

Talent Planning

Staff Forecasting

Talent Management

Talent Personas

Talent Acquisition

Custom Insights

Data Mining

Predictive Modeling

Linkage Analysis

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