Latest From #HRWINS and LAROCQUE: How to Get Employee Experience on the CEO’s Agenda

#HRWINS has produced the second report in its series to help HR leaders get into the minds and hearts of C-Suite leadership. The latest report outlines actionable steps to help persuade your CEO to keep the employee experience a company priority.

This ebook explores five areas of business impact sure to get your CEO’s attention:

  • Innovation
  • Revenue
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Employee Retention


This eBook is the second in a series of reports by #HRWINS to help HR professionals improve the employee experience at their workplaces by using data to correlate business outcomes.

The first series installment is The Employee Experience: HR’s Opportunity to Win with Business Outcomes and helps define the employee experience, outline its impact on business objectives, and highlight how analytics and the right technology can help drive success.

This eBook has been independently researched and published by #HRWINS, the publishing arm of LAROCQUE, Inc, connecting Employers, HRTech and Trends, in collaboration with Talmetrix, Inc.

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