Keeping Employees Motivated in the Modern WorkplaceKeeping employees motivated is a priority for many organizations, but it can be a challenge to focus on motivation and avoid distractions that threaten to pull managers away. Organizations have to come up with new ways to spark employee interest in the workplace. Read on to learn more about motivating employees.

A Bigger Paycheck is Just One Way to Make Employees Happy. Fortune: “It’s a well-established fact: Companies need engaged employees. They are motivated to innovate, increase productivity, and satisfy customers. The sad truth, however, is that there are just not enough of them. Gallup surveys report that less than a third of American employees are engaged at work, and the percentage is even lower in other countries.”

5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy & Working Hard for You. The Huffington Post: “Many entrepreneurs think that support is a one-way street, in that employees support the business and not the other way around. Understand that you have an important relationship with your employees and, if you foster it properly, you can create satisfied employees that help your business grow quickly. Consider how you can support your team. Educational development and training, motivation programs, and incentives can show that you care about each of your employees and make them feel more vested in contributing their all to your business.”

Ten Ways To Crush Your Team’s Motivation. Forbes: “There’s no benefit in keeping quiet about what’s happening in the company, the marketplace and the industry in general. The more information you share with employees, the more they’ll understand not just their own tasks but the bigger picture. The more they understand the mission and the obstacles to reaching it, the more they can care about overcoming those obstacles to reach the finish line.That’s a good thing. Don’t keep your employees in the dark! [Don’t] place blame. People will be willing to take risks — very appropriate risks that will help your business – if they know you’ll have their back should something go wrong. If you place blame whenever anything doesn’t go according to plan, watch the risk-taking disappear!”

How to Turn a Bad Job Into a Good One. Fast Company: “In his new book, Why We Work, [Barry] Schwartz aims to tackle the tricky issue of motivation that extends beyond simply punching a clock and collecting compensation for completing scheduled tasks. If workers are to be engaged, he posits, what does it take to turn even a rote job like packing boxes or answering phones in a call center into a meaningful and fulfilling daily experience? Schwartz points out that those people who have satisfying jobs are engaged in ‘job crafting’—they are contributing to the organization in spite of their job description, not because of it. For example, a custodian at a hospital believes in the facility’s mission of wellness and seeks to serve the patients and families he comes in contact with, not only by keeping the environment clean and orderly, but also by interacting with them when he can.”

An Overlooked Practice For Motivating Employees. Fistful of Talent: “Validation is the act of giving formal confirmation of something’s legitimacy. Validating another person is giving confirmation that you recognize in them what they’re trying to get you to recognize. This is so important. We all want to be validated for being the sort of person we are trying to be. Just think of how much time and energy we spend on trying to look worthy, good, smart, pretty, tough, skilled, rich, funny, kind, cool, etc.!  It’s human nature to want to be a certain version of yourself, and to want others to acknowledge that you’re being that person.”


Engagement efforts aren’t a top-down proposition. Change during an engagement initiative moves in all directions — across departments, up from the rank-and-file, cascading through different levels. Learn how to build a culture of engagement at your organization. Download our employee engagement guidebook to get started.

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