How to Jump Start Your Employee Engagement Strategy

How to Jump Start Your Employee Engagement StrategyWhat’s your plan for keeping employees motivated and engaged in 2016? Organizations are looking to creative strategies to engage workers. While tools and technologies can be useful on the path to engagement, what’s most important is understanding what motivates employees and how they’ll respond to an engagement program.

Keep reading for ideas to jump start your 2016 engagement strategy.

Employee Engagement: The New Source of Competitive Advantage. The Huffington Post: “[Is] fun at work is the antidote to employee engagement? Not necessarily. In workplaces that have high rates of attrition, encouraging fun at work can help reduce attrition rates, as it can help build a sense of attachment (engagement) with co-workers. In addition, supporting a fun workplace culture can compensate to some extent for the low pay and career enhancing opportunities. Although “fun activities” may provide a break from monotonous work routines, they do not necessarily contribute to individuals overall sense of happiness: Something, what may not necessarily be welcomed by all employees could make them feel excluded. Or they may consider fun events that take place outside work time as ‘conscripted fun’.

Overcome ‘Negative Vibes’ Among Your Staff: 10 Tips. Business Management Daily: “Empower employees. Stop the “victim” mentality from forming. Allow employees to take responsibility for ‘good’ events, so they can make them happen again, and for the ‘bad’ events, so they have the power to change them in the future. Solicit feedback. Always ask for employees’ opinions before making major decisions that will affect them. The more you listen to employees, and take an active interest in their concerns, the less likely they will be to complain to each other.”

7 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Culture of Success. Jack Canfield: “To inspire maximum employee engagement, you’ll also need to articulate who your team will become as they learn and grow on the path to achieving your vision. They must be able to see themselves in the future as better, smarter, stronger, more valued, and more confident. Defining that outcome in a way that resonates emotionally with your team should be a key part of your vision.”

Top Five Tips to Maximise Employee Engagement in a Digital World. Training Journal: “Develop multi-channel communications In today’s connected workplace, most employees will own a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop and they’ll be used to surfing the net, chatting on social media and catching up on news on the go. It’s commonplace now for people to regularly work from outside of the office and to take advantage of working flexible hours. It’s important to consider the impacts these have on employee engagement and to ensure your communication can reach all people, using all devices, in all places.”

Top 5 Tips to Motivate Employees. eLearning Industry: “Link to skill development and career pathways. A recent global study revealed that 66% of employees say opportunities for professional growth are limited within their organizations. Cultivate a learning culture within your organization and communicate the professional development benefits of completing training. Send out emails or post on your intranet about upcoming training, the benefits, and how it can help transition employees into other roles within the company.”

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