Interview with eX Summit Founder, Stephan Vincent

What would happen if companies took the same care studying their employees as they do with their customers? Stephan Vincent is out to prove that this is the key to companies reaching the goals they desire. Vincent was studying employee engagement when he grew frustrated with how much it revolved around policies, processes, and compliance. It lacked the human focus that he’d used while working on the customer side. He decided to take his own experience in brand strategy and customer service and use that to focus on the employee. His conference, eX Summit, has now visited two cities and is expanding to many more. Read on to learn about why Vincent says the employee experience is foundational to organizational success.


Why is it important to go beyond engagement and measure the entire employee experience?

Engagement is one of the outcomes of the employee experience. If the overall employee experience is not good, engagement does not mean much and does not translate into higher employee retention, higher employee advocacy (referrals), good customer service, increased productivity, etc.


What do you think the biggest change in the employee experience will be in the coming years?

Companies will start adopting a consumer-brand mindset when it comes to the employee experience. People analytics will be a big driver in the design, delivery and customization of the employee experience.

At eX Cincy you mentioned that companies need to be equipped with tools and resources to create a best employee experience. Can you elaborate about your beliefs on this?

The central and key component is “empathy’. It’s in leaders’ interest to focus on their employees’ needs, aspirations, motivations, and motivators. Tools and resources allow companies to deliver on their EX intent and EX promise. Tools collect, analyze and translate the data into insights. By defining metrics and KPIs, organizations are able to leverage technology tools to monitor and measure the various EX initiatives (such as recruiting KPIs, employee retention, wellness programs efficiency, employee engagement, develop personalized learning programs, etc.).


Who is the average attendee at the eX SUmmit events?

The first event mostly attracted professionals in HR, recruiting, and talent acquisition roles. Our second event was much more balanced, with a good mix of the above, as well as marketers, CX and operations professionals. In my mind, EX should NOT be driven by HR. It’s a collective effort between marketing, CX, HR, recruiting, talent acquisition, operations, and of course leadership.

EX requires a holistic brand approach, where the business brand and the employer brand are intimately intertwined.


What would you say to a company who wants to begin measuring and improving their employee experience, but doesn’t know where to start?

It starts with CX. What has the company done in the CX space? If a company doesn’t have a clue what CX means, it’s a bad start. The second thing is: what’s the expected outcome? The third thing is: who are we going to put in this “EX task force”?

There are also three questions that I believe organizations should develop answers for:

– What does our employer brand stand for?

– What’s our employee value proposition?

– What’s our employee experience like? Or what do we want it to be?


What is the future of your employee experience programs?

The goal of eX Summit is to expand to other cities. We’ll have our second edition of eX Indy this summer, and we’re in talks for expansion in Minneapolis, Chicago and Columbus as well.

We’re also launching eX Podcast, which is a natural extension of the eX Summit initiative. eX Summit is a series of local events, with local thought leaders.  The goal with eX Podcast is to share the message with a much larger audience and to go more in-depth with one specific interview.


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