HR Tech Awesome New Startup Spotlight: Brand Amper

HR Tech Awesome New Startup Spotlight: Brand AmperBrand Amper is one of the five companies featured alongside Talmetrix in the 2014 list of Awesome New Startups for HR as named by Human Resource Executive. This year, the Awesome New Startups will get our own session at the HR Technology Conference, where we’ll introduce our cutting-edge products and solutions.

We’re excited to share the stage with Brand Amper and are looking forward to seeing its team in Las Vegas. I recently caught up with CEO Jason Seiden to find out what awesome things the company is doing.

What’s special about Brand Amper?

Brand Amper solves professionals’ challenges of reconciling their professional and personal identities into a single, clear, “profersonal” brand. It’s a powerful idea: getting this balance right gives people a huge advantage at work because it gives them the ability to engage online with more confidence.

At the end of the day, Brand Amper drives more, higher quality and more sustained content sharing, which in turn results in more efficient recruiting, marketing and sales. For a company that wants employee advocates, this is a fundamental step in the process.

And the story gets better: Brand Amper generates unbelievably rich data that a company can use to crowdsource its employer brand.

Tell us about your team.

Team isn’t strong enough a word — we’re more like a family at this point. Aside from myself, we have Lisa Cervenka, who is the biggest fanatic for integrated marketing and branding I’ve ever met, and Ben Prawer, our resident story teller who (naturally) is producing a documentary film about living life to its fullest in his spare time.

Our development is done through an incredibly close partnership with DeveloperTown in Indianapolis. They’re absolutely amazing and capable, but what we love most about the relationship is that the culture match has been outstanding; they’re like our first cousins who live a block away and sleep over at our house all the time. It’s really helped us accelerate our growth so much faster being able to leverage their expertise right out of the gate.

And I also have to mention our extended family — our service providers and even our clients — who are on this journey with us. We have been so blessed to work with so many great people who not only work with us but who have taken a personal interest in our success that we joke that we’ve been ruined from working anywhere else from this experience. It’s been truly humbling.

What do you see as the biggest trend in HR tech for 2015?

Biggest trend? I don’t know. In years past, I feel I had enough of a bird’s eye view of the landscape that I was comfortable making predictions. This year, I’m so focused in this one little area of social media-based employee advocacy that I’m not sure what’s going on elsewhere.

Within my area of expertise, though, one thing that stands out is that the social media content game is finally starting to hit a wall: Companies just can’t feed the beast fast enough, while prospects are tuning out because they’re so overwhelmed. I think (and hope, for the sake of Brand Amper’s success!) we’ll see a shift from reach-based metrics to resonance-based metrics.

What’s your favorite thing about the HR Tech show?

For me, it’s the people, no question. We were going through the roster of people we’re planning on meeting with, and I just kept smiling because so many of the analysts and clients and vendors and partners have become my friends over the years. This is a community that supports its own, and it’s such an honor to have earned a spot among them. It’s very special and something I never take for granted.

The Talmetrix team is looking forward to seeing the Brand Amper team at HR Tech next week. We hope we’ll see you there too!

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