How to Update Your Employee Experience Initiatives in 2017

The employee experience is changing to meet the workplace’s ever-evolving standards. With remote workers on the rise and technology constantly changing, employee experience initiatives must keep up. Here are some tips to keep your employee experience programs up to date.

Rethink the annual employee engagement cycle.  Recently, Gallup reported, “employee engagement levels stayed stagnant in 2015, and 2016 appears to be much of the same. According to their data, 32% of employees are engaged with their jobs. And this is not new. In fact, these engagement levels have remained flat for the last 5 years. The longstanding cycle of annual input from experience surveys is wrought with shortcomings that only serve to further disengage your employees.” – Read more at Forbes

Make the business case for improving the employee experience. “While the term ‘employee engagement’ may sound vague and irrelevant relative to more concrete metrics like sales, it is in fact crucial for growth. ‘It’s about giving people the tools they need to succeed in their careers, which in turn drives the outcomes that we’re seeking in the marketplace,’ says VP of talent management at Newell Rubbermaid, Mike Rickheim. ‘When people have the tools they need to succeed, feel good about their personal growth opportunities, and receive the appropriate rewards and recognition for their contributions, it’s a win-win proposition,’ he continues.” – Read more at Business 2 Community

Recognize that changes need to be made. “The most important step to increasing employee engagement is recognizing you need to make changes and implementing a strategy that will provide employees with the necessary tools. It is easier than ever to implement technology platforms that help build a high employee experience culture through real-time recognition and continuous feedback. Take advantage of these technologies because employee experience goes far beyond parties or plaques. Employees want more than just a beer cart on Friday, they want their voice to be heard by management and know where they stand within an organization.” – Read more at

Keep remote workers involved. “Frequent communication is key with remote workers. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to include them when you do not see them every day. Do not forget to loop them in on important conversations, emails and other communications. Also, schedule a weekly one-on-one meeting so that you can touch base regularly. This can help you avoid miscommunications or crossed wires about work expectations. Let remote workers know they can reach out at any time and make yourself available for questions or feedback.” – Read more at The Culture Corner

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