After collecting feedback from employees, many leaders are asking: what is next and what should I do with the data?

“Looking at the entire employee experience is one of the most effective ways to find opportunities to grow individuals and to grow your business,” says Sean Mayo, Talmetrix’s Director of Client Services. Trying to capture ways to “improve culture” can be daunting, but when you’re able to map out the employee experience, you’re able to see opportunities to advance your business much more clearly, says Mayo.

That is the role Mayo, and other Talmetrix Client Advisors, take on: helping you more clearly define or uncover your business opportunity (or challenge), and then connecting that opportunity to the employee experience data you’ve collected.

When an organization is able to use employee feedback to reveal opportunities for improving the employee experience, the results will be powerful.

Building an Action Plan Alongside You

action plan and talmetrix support

Many organizations would admit they are continually trying to improve their customer experience. The same mindset can be adopted for how you approach improving the employee experience at your organization.

That is where our processes come in, and that is where we help organizations identify the key drivers for their company,” says Mayo. (Those drivers are what dictate outcomes including your company performance, productivity, retention, manager effectiveness and many more factors, he explains.) After helping you uncover the drivers that shape your employee experience, your consultant acts as your advocate in helping you tie your goals, surveys, and the work that needs to be done, all together.

Improving the Employee Experience

We are there to support an organization throughout each stage of the process: strategic thinking and planning; feedback capture; analysis and insight creation; and the process of improvement,” says Mayo.

We focus on three critical areas to make this journey as seamless as possible:

1. Alignment from the start.

“With knowledge of the entire employee feedback cycle, we are looking to ensure you are focusing on the unique business challenge that is most impactful to your business’ bottom line,” explains Mayo.

You may have a gut feeling that supports the current feedback method you’re using, but your consultant will help make sure you take the right steps from the start so your data is as action-oriented as possible. They are there to help you get the buy-in and alignment from leaders from other business units or divisions that you’ll need when it comes to implementing any change. “After all, getting on the same page from the start will greatly help you get the right data to drive meaningful change,” says Mayo.

2. Helping you to avoid the data paralysis trap.

After you have conducted your surveys, you have captured data that will help you solve tangible business challenges. But where to start? You know that taking action is critical, but you may not know exactly what to do, or how much to take on at first. “Or, on the flip side, you want to jump right in and haphazardly start fixing things,” says Mayo.

Your advisory support helps you with pragmatic, data-backed recommendations to help you (and others) find your “sweet spot” for immediate action steps to take. We will help you deliver your findings—when needed—and follow best practices so that you will achieve immediate “wins.”

“It is our objective to help you communicate as effectively as possible—to those you are sharing the findings with, and to those you’re leading. We’re here to help you work quickly and to dig into your results. After all, this is where the best work happens,” says Mayo.

3. Much-needed focus.

There may be people who want to trumpet the “good” results and disown or deny the unfavorable ones, or they simply don’t want to follow through with the action steps when it is time for changes to occur. There may also be pushback from those who don’t want to believe the results, who insist that the survey didn’t include the right questions, or who say the results were affected by a bad quarter.

“Whatever the case, we’re here to help you continue to communicate the truth of the survey; after all, the numbers don’t lie, and they must be relied on for your action plan to deliver results.”

Your solutions consultants will help you deliver uncomfortable truths, when needed. But your consultants will also help you, and your colleagues, stay coordinated and focused on doing what it takes to support change.

One of the most common obstacles leaders have when implementing an action plan is how they may lack time or bandwidth or they have competing priorities. We help to make sure that you’re committed to the process,” explains Mayo. “We’re there to help you know where to focus and how you can take the next crucial step on your roadmap to a better employee experience.”

Grow Your People & Grow Your Company: Put Your Employee Data to Work

Talmetrix improves business outcomes for talent-focused organizations by capturing workforce feedback and linking it with your business metrics. These insights are used to improve your entire employee experience, as well as factors including retention, performance, productivity and culture.

Talmetrix is easy to implement and configurable to fit an organization’s culture. With an expert Client Advisor, we partner with you to guide you on setting clear goals and to tailor your feedback campaign to meet your needs. Together, we help you determine the best “next steps” forward with implementation. Contact us today to learn more about the powerful workforce insights that will help you improve your business outcomes and processes.

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