Future of HR Technology#HRWins, in collaboration with Talmetrix and other leading HR Technology providers including Namely, Greenhouse and LifeWorks, conducted a survey of 974 U.S. based employers with less than 5,000 employees.  The study aimed to understand the usability of HR Technology, HR data usage and purchasing plans for HR Technology in the immediate future.

The results painted a clear picture for mid-market HR and senior leaders:

“Employers want their platform and point solutions integrated. And, they expect their data to be portable and seamless, offering them better insights into their workforce.”

In essence, employers want to connect their talent to business outcomes.

Download the Infographic highlighting the key findings of this study.

As the leader in the employee feedback and workforce insights, this independent research validated our vision. HR and senior leaders within mid-size companies (500 to 5,000 employees) are inundated with disparate data across multiple systems. According to the research study, mid-market organizations have, on average, nine apps, platforms and applications serving the HR function. More data doesn’t produce better insights unless it’s integrated. As the survey found, “Employers want, even demand, integration and they want it now.”

The multiple systems and disparate data these HR technology systems throw off exasperates the already limited visibility and lack of integrated tools for organization leaders to capture ROI from talent investments. A recent Bersin by Deloitte study titled, “Understanding the Path to Talent Management Maturity in the Mid-Market,” found that the “ability to evolve talent practices is particularly heightened by a lack of resources, technology, and infrastructure—impacting an organization’s ability to effectively compete.”

The #HRWins report uncovered…

“Middle market employers look to leverage HR data more strategically, they will be implementing systems aggressively.”

Download the Infographic to view the key findings from this independent research.

Talmetrix’s cloud-based platform improves business outcomes for talent-focused organizations by easily capturing workforce feedback and linking it with other business metrics. The generated insights inform decision making to improve employee engagement, retention, performance, productivity and culture.

Grounded in decades of talent management and business leadership experience, Talmetrix thrives on enabling and equipping organizations with innovative solutions to achieve higher performance. Unlike other providers, Talmetrix‘s platform is easy to implement and configurable to fit an organization’s unique needs and culture. The platform is powered with consumer grade user interfaces, researched and validated content, real time data and analytics, security/risk controls, and social features. With Talmetrix, you’ll gain a partner to enable your people and business initiatives in real-time.

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