Executive Coaching Can Improve Your Business

Executive Coaching Can Improve Your BusinessHiring the best leaders can only get you so far. Keeping your leaders motivated about your business is what will put your company on top. We already know thatexecutive coaching is beneficial to employees, but it can also help your top managers in the company. Coaching helps to motivate your top employees to work harder and to get their colleagues invested in the business. Read on to learn how executive coaching can help you create a better business.

Coaching Skills Every Leader Needs To Master. Forbes: “To go from good to great, every manager need only adopt a coach’s #1 tool: the question. A leader who reduces the need to be the smartest in the room and have all the answers will motivate her team, win allies, and create the capacity to grow personally. A question can open a conversation: What’s going on? It can dig deeper: Tell me more. I’d like to better understand. A smart question will seek perspective: What is your view on this? A savvy question can also show trust and encourage growth: How might you solve this problem?”

How to Make a Difference as a Time Management Coach. LifeHack: “As a manager, you can make up for these [time management] shortcomings. Knowing that they exist is a big plus and they can be introduced into conversations quite early in the game with a time management coach. Understanding the bigger picture frees you both to narrow your focus down to a handful of habits or practices to work on. You should also show clients or employees how to upgrade whenever the need arises and teach them to expect this to happen several times in their careers.”

5 Ways to Make Good Managers Great Coaches. BlessingWhite:“Equip managers with a framework or guidelines for how to have effective coaching conversations. There are a myriad of different coaching models and guidelines; find the one that works for your organization and train managers on how to use it. This will become the language that is used throughout the company. Help managers focus the type of coaching they provide to respond to the dynamic needs of the organization and the employee. Coaching an employee through a performance issue looks very different than coaching them through career growth, which looks very different than coaching them through a merger or acquisition.”

Evaluation, Coaching, Appreciation are Critical Leadership Skills. The Journal Gazette: “But there are different types of feedback Heen said leaders can and should give. Evaluation: This rates or ranks people against peers and can answer questions about the future by providing insight on where individuals stand. Coaching: This involves anything that helps people get better. Appreciation: This says ‘I see you’ and is usually an important motivator. Heen says you can’t ‘tangle evaluation and coaching,’ though. The process of evaluation — if it’s not well thought out and delivered — can trigger emotions and drown out eventual coaching efforts.”

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