We’re often asked “What is a pulse survey?” While there is no formal definition, you can think of a pulse survey as a shorter, more targeted survey designed to gather feedback for a specific purpose. Pulses can serve as a complement to the longer, more holistic baseline surveys, that companies usually administer on an annual basis. Other times Pulses are used to capture employee feedback on specific aspects of the employee experience where depth of detail is needed to gain more insight.


We sat down with our Head of Product, Marc Aiello, to learn why pulse surveys are beneficial in collecting employee feedback:


  1. Dig Deeper: Let’s say that communication was a low-scoring category in your baseline employee experience survey. Before taking steps to improve communication, you may need to ask follow-up questions to further understand why employees think communication is failing. Creating a brief survey will help you better understand employee concerns, and as a result, build a more effective action plan. You can send this survey to the entire organization, or only to the people who scored communication the lowest.
  2. Follow Up: After you’ve taken action, you’ll want to know if that action has had a positive or negative impact. Instead of waiting for your next baseline survey to collect feedback on the changes, you can send a pulse survey to quickly measure efforts and understand if further action is needed.
  3. Gather Input: Sometimes you just want to get quick input to inform a decision or the design of a new program. Pulsing a few choice questions, including open-ended responses, is a perfect way to crowdsource and tap into your organization’s creativity.


Want to get started with pulsing or interested in ramping up your current efforts? With Talmetrix, you can pulse as frequently as you’d like, in addition to running your baseline surveys. Contact a Talmetrix Solution Advisor today to learn more about how we can help you quickly build and launch your next pulse survey, make better-informed decisions, and improve business results.

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