Talmetrix is on a mission to recognize companies and leaders like OurHealth below, that achieve high performance through engaged cultures. We’re spotlighting companies where employees are proud to work and are doing great things, but their stories might not make headlines. Great cultures and employee engagement aren’t built on crazy perks, but in the way people work, the type of people hired and how people are aligned behind a common mission. These are the stories of engaged cultures.

OurHealth: Spotlight on an Engaged Culture

This week, we’re highlighting Heather Halliburton, Vice President  of Marketing at the Indiana-based healthcare provider, OurHealth.

Heather-OnHealthHeather has a great amount of drive and passion about her role with OurHealth.  Since she joined the organization in May 2016, Heather has utilized her experience in human resources and marketing to become a leading force in maintaining a culture with high levels of employee engagement. Her efforts helped OurHealth receive the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” award.

Describe your workplace. When you tell people about your life at work, what do you say?

I tell people how OurHealth is working to radically transform the way people access health and wellness.  We have an amazing team of clinicians and headquarters staff who are all dedicated to the same mission.

What’s the best thing about your culture?

The best thing about the culture at OurHealth is the open exchange of ideas and opinions to reach the best outcomes for the company and thereby, our patients

What are some of the ways you build engagement?

We communicate openly, provide strong on-boarding which includes heavy emphasis on our culture and listen to our employees’ ideas.

What do you think the employees are most proud of?

Our employees are proud of building a great company which involves getting to do things no one else is doing.  Our clinic teams are extremely proud of of the great patient care they deliver, and rightfully so.

What impact does the culture/engagement have on the business?

Strong, open collaboration allows us to move quickly and be more productive so we can better serve our clients and patients.

OurHealth_HeaderLogo-2What work have you done to create your engaged culture?

We implemented more regular employee communications, planned annual all employee retreats and quarterly team building events like a fall festival, a salsa competition and fundraising walk events.

What advice do you have for others trying to build an engaged and productive workforce?

Find out what matters most to employees, acknowledge employee opinions and over communicate.

Is there anything you still want to accomplish?

Lots!  You are never done as culture is constantly evolving and requires a lot of attention and energy to keep on the right path.  We are working to involve all employees in the strategic planning of the company so everyone understands their role – every one of our team members is critical to our success and it important they know how much they are valued.

What’s your favorite day of the week? Why?

Friday.  We go hard all week and Friday is the day we plan team events and get together to have the team ask our Executives anything they want to know about what’s going on with the business.  It starts the weekend off on a great note!

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