Talmetrix is on a mission to recognize companies and leaders like Harshaw Trane below, that achieve high performance through engaged cultures. We’re spotlighting companies where employees are proud to work and are doing great things, but their stories might not make headlines. Great cultures and employee engagement aren’t built on crazy perks, but in the way people work, the type of people hired and how people are aligned behind a common mission. These are the stories of engaged cultures.

Harshaw Trane: Spotlight on an Engaged CultureReid, RuthW

This week we’re highlighting Ruth Reid, Director of Human Resources at Harshaw Trane.

Prior to joining Harshaw Trane, Ruth used her several years of experience in human resources to successfully run backgrounds in compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection, training, performance management, strategic communications, change management, employee recognition and reward systems. This innovation has led Ruth to become a leader in her role that continues to push her team that cultivates and drives company culture. Her efforts helped Harshaw Trane receive the Best Places to Work in Kentucky” award.

1. Describe your workplace.

We are an energy services company that is fueled by P3 Power.  Our energy source is our people who understand the purpose of each client’s project, and who execute to ensure that we perform at the highest level. We make our client’s mission our mission.  Cool, fun, accountable, empowered and family oriented.

2. What’s the best thing about your culture?

Our Unit President Philosophy!  It’s the foundation of our culture and it’s why associates work at Harshaw Trane.   We believe our associates want to be productive, to grow personally, and to achieve greatness for our clients. Based on these beliefs, we empower our associates to do the right thing for our clients, providing freedom to make decisions…and we hold our associates accountable.  The UP philosophy is our secret sauce!

3. What are some of the ways you build engagement?

We treat our associates like they are part of our family. We recognize great performance, we look for ways to have fun, and we develop our teams through various learning opportunities and team events, and we celebrate important life milestones in our associate’s lives.  In fact, we even send our associates abroad for the vacation of a lifetime after completion of ten years of service.

4. What do you think the employees are most proud of?Harshaw Trane Logo

Most associates at Harshaw Trane are proud of the value that we provide to our customers and our contributions to our local communities.

5. What impact does the culture/engagement have on the business?

People can work anywhere.  They stay at Harshaw Trane because they understand the value they provide to our organization and they find meaning and enjoyment in what they are doing.  We are a knowledge-based company.  We do not manufacture parts or pieces. We provide solutions to our clients, delivering results through our people.  We believe that our culture, the engagement of our associates, and the way we treat our “human resources” has a direct impact on how we serve our clients.

6. What work have you done to create your engaged culture?

We participate in the Best Place to Work program every year.  We use this opportunity to gain feedback from our associates so that we can understand their concerns, what they love about our company, and how we can continuously work to create an even better place to work.  Depending on their feedback, we create teams to work on these issues.  This past year we revised our educational programs and created a scholarship program for our associates, based on their feedback.

7. What advice do you have for others trying to build an engaged and productive workforce?

Listen to your internal customers, your associates.  If you have an organization that treats your associates like a customer, you will get the feedback you need to develop your culture.

8. Is there anything you still want to accomplish?

Always!  Building a great culture has to be a painful process.  We would like to increase the strengths of our team leaders so that they feel comfortable helping coach associates in the career planning process.

9. What’s your favorite day of the week? Why?

Every day is a good day at Harshaw Trane. We get to come to work and see our friends…our Harshaw Trane family!

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