3 Ways You’re Killing Employee Motivation — and How to Stop

3 Ways You’re Killing Employee Motivation — and How to StopThis is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on TLNT on Oct. 21, 2014.

Employers are always looking for ways to boost employee engagement and get the best out of their people. But even as they do, many are inadvertently causing their workers to disengage. Could you be one of them? Are you guilty of any of these common motivation killers?

1. Pretending to Listen

I’ve never met an employee who’s said “I really love taking employee surveys!” or “My employer really gets the employee survey process right!”

Yet, people say they want to be heard. In theory, surveys should facilitate that process. What’s going wrong?

What most employers don’t realize is that when they ask for employee feedback, they’re starting a conversation, and, like in any conversation, there’s an expectation they will listen and engage in a back-and-forth exchange of information. Instead of making employee feedback a springboard for dialogue, they’ll just publish it in a report months later — or worse, put it away and never speak of it again.

When people invest their time and effort in offering feedback, then don’t hear back for months — if ever — they’re left with the impression no one is listening. It’s disheartening to feel like no one is hearing your voice — especially after they specifically asked you to speak up.

What to do instead: I sympathize with employers — especially the large ones. How can you show you’re really listening to hundreds or thousands of employees? It’s really hard.

But if you want to motivate your employees, you need to shrink the length of time between requesting feedback and doing something with it. Report your findings promptly, and let people know what actions you’re going to take based on what you’ve discovered.

Visit TLNT to read the rest of this post and find out the other two ways you’re killing employee motivation and what you can do instead.

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