Employee Engagement Resources

Ensuring you’re well-prepared for your employee engagement initiatives is a high-priority for us.  We have worked with our staff and partners to develop the following employee engagement resources to help talent-focused organizations fuel a culture of high performance.

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The Power of an Action Plan

Turn data into action and employees into advocates. This guide will help you discover the power of an action plan, as well as how to create and execute a plan that makes measurable improvements to your employee experience.

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The 7 Steps to Employee EngagementEmployee Engagement Infographic

Improving employee engagement through a continuous employee feedback program can have a direct impact on the bottom line of your organization. Talent-focused organizations achieve better business outcomes through fueling a culture of high performance. And that’s why all leaders — not just HR leaders — should integrate a continuous employee feedback program into their business processes. Download our infographic that presents a 7-step process for planning and executing an employee engagement program.

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Guidebook to Employee Engagement

Take a deep dive to learn the seven fundamental steps for increasing performance and improving employee retention through an engagement survey program. Consider this Guidebook your go-to informational resource for planning your next employee engagement initiative.

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Best Practices for Employee Feedback Surveys

There are two sides to employee feedback surveys: (1) the science (gathering valid data using the principles of scientific research) and (2) the art (embracing the gray area of people management and getting creative to solve problems). Download this ebook to learn, through interviews with leading HR practitioners and Industrial/Organizational psychologists, how to effectively navigate and implement an employee feedback survey that balances the art and the science to achieve an effective outcome.

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The Future of Work and HR Technology

#HRWINS, in collaboration with Talmetrix and other leading brands including Namely, conducted an independent research study. The focus of the study was to explore how the successful integration of HR technology impacts the employee experience and helps to deliver quantifiable business results. The outcome? Connecting talent to business outcomes is top-of-mind among business leaders today. Discover key insights from 974 U.S. based employers with 5,000 or less employees.

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Employee Communication Best Practices

If you’re planning to launch an employee engagement program, you’ll have more to do than choosing survey questions. Creating an effective–and doable– employee communications strategy is essential. Prior to the survey, you should plan to deploy communication that increases awareness and inspires employees to participate. During the survey, you should seek to motivate employees to action within the given time-frame. After the survey, you’ll want to share what you learned and what you plan to do about it. Here’s how to do it.

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