Earning Employees’ Trust is Key to Engagement Efforts

Earning Employees’ Trust is Key to Engagement EffortsEarning your employees’ trust is one of the most basic things you can do as a leader to improve engagement at your organization. This means being consistent in your actions, open with communication and fair in judgment. When employees trust you, they’re more likely to be aligned with your organization’s mission, working hard and planning to stay longer.

This week I’ve been reading about ways leaders can build trust in their organizations and the benefits that result from that trust. Read on to see what I found.

For Results, Build A High-Trust Culture. CEO.com: “How do you measure culture? My organization, the Great Place to Work Institute, defines a great workplace as one where staffers take pride in what they do, enjoy working with their colleagues and trust their managers. We further break trust down into the components of credibility (managers match actions with words), respect (leaders treat employees with dignity) and fairness (management makes decisions in an even-handed way).”

9 Easy Ways To Build Credibility as a Leader. AllBusiness: “A credible leader never loses the sight of his goals and always tries to formulate strategies to achieve those goals. People follow only those who have a set goal in their mind, a destination. And thus without goals, you are nothing more than a wanderer without a destination. Therefore, you must focus on what you really need to achieve in the long run and how you should take your team to the next level.”

Trust Matters. Learn How To Earn It and Keep It. Lolly Daskal: “And once you have trust, how can you keep it?…Be accountable. Don’t hide your mistakes or make excuses. Be accountable for your actions and let everyone see you learn from them. Help others succeed. Become an advocate for others and work for the advancement of those around you. When you help others succeed, learn and grow, you will not only earn trust but you will keep it for a long time.”

Trust in Leadership Affects Employee Retention #EWS2014. The People Equation: “Spherion [in its 2014 Emerging Workforce Study] asked employers to rank the items that most influenced employees’ level of engagement.  Employers ranked ‘Employees’ level of trust in senior leadership to do what’s best for the organization and its workers’ as one of the top four indicators of employee engagement. When workers were asked, ‘What would most improve your level of engagement?’ they ranked ‘Gaining more of my trust in company leadership’ as one of the top four responses.”

Leading with Trust: Principles and Practice. Link Resource Group: “Your success as a leader depends on the degree to which stakeholders trust you. Whether you’re a business developer, salesperson, client relationship manager, C-level executive, consultant or manager, you need to master the principles of trust and put them into daily practice. A distrustful environment creates expensive and sometimes even irreparable problems. You must train your thinking and change your habits to earn the trust necessary to be influential, successful and recognized as someone who makes a difference.”

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