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Employee Experience Directly Impacts Your Customer Experience

Employee Experience Directly Impacts Your Customer Experience Your employees’ experience is directly affecting your bottom line. Competitive and progressive organizations are focusing more effort on building strategies around the employee experience (EX) to boost overall company performance.  But if you aren’t connecting your employee experience feedback with your other business data you’re leaving critical gaps in your ability to drive

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What exactly is a Pulse Survey?

We’re often asked “What is a pulse survey?” While there is no formal definition, you can think of a pulse survey as a shorter, more targeted survey designed to gather feedback for a specific purpose. Pulses can serve as a complement to the longer, more holistic baseline surveys, that companies usually administer on an annual basis. Other times Pulses are

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How Talmetrix Supports Action Planning

After collecting feedback from employees, many leaders are asking: what is next and what should I do with the data? “Looking at the entire employee experience is one of the most effective ways to find opportunities to grow individuals and to grow your business,” says Sean Mayo, Talmetrix’s Director of Client Services. Trying to capture ways to “improve culture” can

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How Actions Plans Create Accountability

How do you “take action” after collecting feedback from your employees? The answer lies in your Action Plan, a specific set of steps you strategically plan based on your employee engagement survey findings. The activities in your plan are aligned with improving the employee experience and your business goals. Action Plans help you move forward so that you can use

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How Does Employee Engagement Affect Company Performance?

A recent cover story in the Association for Talent Development highlighted much of what our bread and butter is here at Talmetrix: how a culture of engagement is tied to improved company performance, manager effectiveness, retention, and productivity.  Here are a few other noteworthy articles on the topic, including where people analytics will continue to come into play in the

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Business, HR & Talent Predictions for 2017

We’ve compiled responses from a group of HR and talent management thought leaders on what they learned in the last year, and what they’ll be watching in 2017. See part one and part two in the series, and then read the rest of their predictions below. Fill in the blank: In 2017, talent-focused organizations will move away from _____ and move

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Top 12 Insights from #HRTechConf 2016

Bringing together industry experts and thought leaders, this year’s HR Tech Conference, held October 4-7, once again did not disappoint. Showcasing strategies, trends and ideas in action, #HRTechConf was packed with insights on innovation in HR tech, business process, employee experience, organizational success, social, mobile, analytics and much more. As many of us look to prepare for the coming year,

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10 Employee Engagement Blogs You Should Be Reading

We’re always looking for engaging insights on talent management, workforce analytics and employee feedback. Here we share 10 of the top blogs we consistently follow to make sure we’re a part of the employee engagement conversation.


3 Ways Predictive Analytics Is Shaping Talent Management

What if you could look into the future and determine which new hires would best succeed at your company? There’s always some uncertainty around hiring, even if you use interview panels and personality assessments. But technology is changing that: With predictive analytics, it’s now possible to get a clearer picture of how new employees might perform at your organization, how

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How to Connect People to Improve Employee Engagement

As companies focus on collaboration and engagement, they need to understand that connectedness is key to an organization’s bottom line, says Jeff Thompson. He’s president of PEAK Learning and one of Talmetrix’s advisors, and we caught up with him to talk about the importance of connectedness in the role of productivity at any organization. “It really comes down to taking

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5 Ways to Use HR Data to Drive Business Decisions

This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on Career Builder on March 20, 2015. “Big Data” and “analytics” are hot business buzzwords these days, which may cause some people to doubt their value or get overwhelmed at the idea of employing them — neither of which is a wise course of action. Companies have a wealth of

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