Organizational Culture


Linking Diversity to Better Business Results: Interview with ConnXus’ Rod Robinson

A diverse body of talent with fresh ideas and perspectives is one of the essential ingredients to a company’s long-term success. Take a look around your office. Is everyone just like you? Probably not. By promoting a diverse talent pool, your organization is better equipped to provide fresh ideas and perspectives, a necessity for long-term success. In fact, according to Forbes,

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How Much Does Pay Matter as Part of the Employee Experience?

It’s easy to assume that the promise of a high salary is what will help you recruit or retain your top talent. At times, research supports this idea. For example, research has found that minimum wage growth is one of the top 3 driving forces for why people leave their job. And, when people leave their jobs, the average boost

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How Talmetrix Supports Action Planning

After collecting feedback from employees, many leaders are asking: what is next and what should I do with the data? “Looking at the entire employee experience is one of the most effective ways to find opportunities to grow individuals and to grow your business,” says Sean Mayo, Talmetrix’s Director of Client Services. Trying to capture ways to “improve culture” can

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How Actions Plans Create Accountability

How do you “take action” after collecting feedback from your employees? The answer lies in your Action Plan, a specific set of steps you strategically plan based on your employee engagement survey findings. The activities in your plan are aligned with improving the employee experience and your business goals. Action Plans help you move forward so that you can use

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How Does Employee Engagement Affect Company Performance?

A recent cover story in the Association for Talent Development highlighted much of what our bread and butter is here at Talmetrix: how a culture of engagement is tied to improved company performance, manager effectiveness, retention, and productivity.  Here are a few other noteworthy articles on the topic, including where people analytics will continue to come into play in the

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People Practices & Organization Design: Bersin’s Predictions for Change in 2017

Bersin by Deloitte continually delivers research designed to help organizations in their HR, talent, and learning strategies. These research-based strategies help leaders deliver better performance and to develop their people.


7 of the Biggest Business Risks in 2017 (Part One)

While every business has its own risks, these risks are also opportunities, points out Brian Dershaw, a partner in Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP’s Labor & Employment group, during our conversation with him on the topic of risk mitigation and the tie to employee engagement and culture. Dershaw has broad experience serving as employment and labor counsel and outside general

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2017 Workplace Trends for Talent-Focused Organizations

In our last post, we asked a group of HR and talent management thought leaders what they learned in the last year, and what they’ll be watching in 2017. In this post, we continue the conversation about what talent-focused organizations should be watching in the new year.


HR Hot Topics for 2017

We asked a handful of thought leaders what they learned in the last year. Then we asked a larger group of HR influencers and leaders what they’ll be focusing on, and what talent-focused organizations should be watching, in the next year. Here’s what they said. Stay tuned for our next post where we asked other questions, including what HR Hot Topics leaders

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What Talent-Focused Organizations Know About Peer Coaching

You have a plan for how you’ll grow your marketing and sales efforts, but what about a People Plan—a plan for how you’ll facilitate, support, and measure employee engagement? Talent-focused organizations have a People Plan that includes peer coaching. Just as high-performing athletes benefit from a number of coaches, the same can be said for employees in high-performing organizations. Often

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4 Ways the Best HR Leaders Support Organizational Change

How do you define a “strong” or “positive” company culture?  How do you maintain a strong culture through organizational change? It’s true that a so-called “strong” company culture is one where employees are engaged.   When employees are engaged performance, productivity, retention, profitability, innovation, service, and customer experience all benefit. But as a recent Harvard Business Review article, “HR Can’t

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