Beat the Heat With These Summer Employee Engagement Tips

Beat the Heat With These Summer Employee Engagement Tips Summer is the time when most people — including your employees — want to be relaxing at the beach or spending time outside with their families. Keeping them engaged at work can be difficult, but offering special summer-only benefits such as casual Fridays or weekend events can help your employees focus on work when they aren’t taking vacation time. It also demonstrates your dedication to employees’ work-life balance and well being.

 This week, I’ve been reading about what companies are doing to keep their employees engaged and motivated this summer. I think you’ll find these summer employee engagement tips helpful.

Summer’s Here! How Smart Companies Are Engaging Their Employees. Inc.: Big Ass Fans keeps it cool. Says Kayla Ramic, events and engagement manager: ‘Summertime is busy season when you work at a fan company, so we build in some extra perks to keep our employees motivated. We organize an annual canoe/kayak trip down the Kentucky River and focus on fitness with internal fitness challenges and weekend events, including hikes. We also host a huge company picnic filled with games, activities, food, and fun for employees and their families.’”

 4 Alternatives to Summer Fridays. Fast Company: “The arguments for or against Summer Fridays are another indication that we put too much onus on hours worked, and not enough on personal health and happiness. The idea that there needs to be a policy at all would be laughable to much of the world where it’s assumed you work to live—not the other way around. It’s all about the precious natural resource of time. Digging into the research a little more it becomes clearer that what employees’ desire is more autonomy in creating their own schedule.”

Boosting Employee Engagement in the Summer Months. Entrepreneur: “Empathize with employees. The desire to play more in the summer months isn’t the only reason productivity declines. People are ready for a break after the winter. The warm weather and long days enable people to be outdoors, get their minds off work and replenish themselves. Kids are also out of school. Parents want to use that time to connect as a family. Managers should empathize with this desire so that employees will be more motivated at work. Listen to your employees’ needs. How do they feel? Are they stressed or overworked? Find out their summer plans? Do you need to work with your human resources department to establish a special schedule for vacations? Ask employees for ways the company can create opportunities and plan family events.”

How to Boost Employee Engagement During Summer Months. Ironstone: “A study by Society for Human Resource Management found the majority of professionals believe employee wellness, morale, performance, and productivity are improved when vacation time is a priority. Those who use vacation time are healthier, less likely to suffer from burnout, and have higher energy and creativity levels contributing to the success of your firm. Leaders need to encourage everyone to ‘unplug’ from work by enjoying long weekends and taking vacation.”

7 Creative Employee Recognition Ideas For Summer! Hallmark Business Connections Blog: “Proactive business leaders make it a point to engage employees year-round, including those tricky summer months that find most people itching to get outdoors. The results speak for themselves: Research shows engaged employees are 202% more likely to outperform those who are not! Since summer is often a time to let loose and relax, why not try relaxing the dress code around the office? It doesn’t have to be a permanent change (nor should it take effect if there are client meetings or other important events happening around the office): Forbes recommends trying out the casual look for a day at a time.”

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