Alignment is a word we all hear a lot, but it’s not just another buzzword — it’s an important part of ensuring the success of your employee engagement program. When you align your engagement goals with the overall goals of the business, your employees understand how their efforts fit into the company’s progress and success, which is one of the drivers of engagement. The alignment strategies outlined below will ensure your engagement goals are aligned with business principles.

Identify Your Engagement Goal Clearly

You shouldn’t embark on an employee engagement initiative without having a goal. Like any business goal, an engagement goal should be measurable, achievable, and monitored regularly. A vague statement like “improve employee engagement” isn’t an actionable goal. Something like “decrease YOY turnover by 30% over the next six months” is much better.

Not sure where to start? Try looking at business goals first and work backward from there. If one of your company’s goals is “increase revenue by 20 percent over the next quarter,” identify ways that improved engagement would make that happen. Maybe your last employee survey showed that employees don’t have any insight into how their individual actions impact the company as a whole. How do you fix that? Target your engagement initiative to departments or teams that generate revenue. Managers on those teams can take that that “20 percent” goal and break it down into actionable steps each team member can take to help the company reach the goal. Then, when it happens, make sure to reconnect their efforts with the outcome.

For more ideas, check out our post about four business outcomes that can be tied directly to employee engagement goals.

Be Flexible with Your Engagement Goal

While it’s important to set a goal, you also need to be flexible. [clickToTweet tweet=”Agility as a company trait means all leaders must be willing to change quickly as conditions change.” quote=”The rise of agility as a desirable business trait means all leaders must be willing to change quickly as conditions change.”] As the organization’s business goals are modified to meet the market, any employee engagement initiative must change in tandem in order to maintain alignment.

When you survey employees about engagement, you may uncover insights you hadn’t suspected about what it takes to motivate or engage employees. For example, your top performers may be motivated more by autonomy and flexibility than by pay. Keep other leaders in the organization informed about these insights to keep your goals aligned.

If you’re afraid of change (or if your senior leaders are), keep in mind that your workforce is dynamic and always changing anyway, so modifying your goals doesn’t imply failure or a lack of perseverance. Skills, abilities, and levels of motivation and passion are all variable, and because human beings are not static, flexibility will be key throughout your engagement initiative.

Align Your People, Too

Aligning employee engagement goals with business goals requires communication across business units to get all stakeholders on the same page. Your engagement plan and goals should be presented in tandem with business initiatives and receive buy-in from senior decision makers. And the more closely the two are aligned, the easier it should be to get that buy-in.

Internal communication is also key to getting everyone at your organization excited about engagement. Read our post on How to Ensure Employee Communication Supports Engagement to help you construct an effective engagement communication plan.

Build a Culture That Values People

Alignment is the key to ensuring your employee engagement initiative will work for your organization. Without aligning engagement targets to business outcomes, you run the risk of your engagement efforts being overshadowed by competing business needs. Making your goals specific, flexible, and clearly communicated will help keep your employees interested in engagement efforts while making senior leaders happy, too.

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