4 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

4 Ways to Keep Employees MotivatedMotivated employees are engaged employees. But boosting motivation levels on a team can be tough work. There isn’t an easy overnight fix. Instead, fostering motivation is all about long-term, big-picture behavior — giving your people the tools and confidence they need to do a good job. We’ve gathered four of our favorite tips on employee motivation to get you started.

Motivate your employees like America’s top CEOs.

“You have to do two things. First, you have to understand that everyone needs a path to significance that comes as a result of the work they do. GCU has 3,000 people, and I can’t meet with everyone individually. But what we try to do as a large management leadership group is make sure we’re looking at every job classification in the university and figuring out a way for that job to have significance, monetarily and otherwise, for the people who are doing them. People work, first and foremost, for themselves and their families. There has to be a path that leads to significance for them individually. That’s highly motivating.” – Forbes

Use self-evaluations to increase motivation.  

“In some organizations, self-evaluations have become a great alternative to unpopular manager-conducted evaluations. But if your business doesn’t have an organized process for this, you can still incorporate this process into your work environment. Sit down each quarter or year and review your own goals and job duties. Honestly assess how you’re doing, where you currently are, and where you’d like to be. You probably will come out of it with a clearer view of where you stand.” – Entrepreneur

Give employees the freedom to think like small business owners.

“When employees get the chance to think and act like small business owners — i.e. they have autonomy — they continuously build greater confidence and resourcefulness. They continuously build greater self-efficacy and the perception that they can ‘handle it’, whatever ‘it’ is. Because of this, these employees possess far greater resilience. Resilient employees not only can handle the demands and pressures of a ‘do more with less’ workplace more easily, they also respond more resourcefully to major changes and challenges.” – TLNT

Help employees learn and grow.

“Help them grow. What happens if you give them training? What happens if you give them access to publications related to your industry? What if you send them to events where they can share experiences? You will be providing training. You are enhancing their skills. You are letting them grow. Provide feedback. Provide feedback about the performance of each employee, indicating the points where you’ve seen his or her progress, as well as providing recommendations for improvement.” – Abasto Media

Looking for more ways to boost motivation in 2016? Get a jump start on your plans. Download our road map to engagement.

Download the employee engagement road map

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