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In our last post, we asked a group of HR and talent management thought leaders what they learned in the last year, and what they’ll be watching in 2017. In this post, we continue the conversation about what talent-focused organizations should be watching in the new year.

Q: What trends should HR and senior leaders be watching in the next year? 

“Online employee training, specifically microlearning. There’s growing evidence that attracting and retaining top talent and increasing engagement is directly correlated with employees being offered training and development opportunities. Online training can and should offer the flexibility of accessing training when it’s needed and wherever the internet is available. Recent research also shows that gaining and retaining top talent and creating a talent-focused organization has more to do with training and development opportunities than salary and benefits.

At BizLibrary, we know that a talent-focused organization is also a training-focused organization and we’re paying close attention to how developing your individual employees  increases engagement and produces bottom-line financial results.” –Erin Boettge, Marketing Content Manager, BizLibrary

“a) Onboarding. Research shows that organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity, along with 50% greater new hire retention. As more and more organizations are seeing new hire onboarding retention rates plummet, 2017 will be a record year for onboarding solution buys. In fact, Sierra-Cedar’s HR Systems Survey found that organizations plan to spend their time on onboarding as a top initiative in 2017, just second behind recruiting.

b) HR and HCM solution providers are working hard and making great strides to cater to the candidate and new hire, to deliver the best hiring and onboarding experience possible. Gerry Crispin, Elaine Orler, Kevin Grossman and the additional Talent Board membersand CandE Council have done a phenomenal job of bringing candidate experience to the forefront, and it will continue to become more of a focus and achieved deliverable in organizations beyond Enterprise and more deeply embedded into SMB.

c) Organizations are looking more and more to Cloud/SaaS HR solutions in seek of a greater ability to deliver a scalable, repeatable, best practice hiring process and help foster organizational growth; to streamline day-to-day operations and spend resources more strategically; and to meet a highly-mobile workforce’s needs of communicating and completing hiring tasks anywhere, anytime, on any connected device. Expect a busy-buying year for SaaS HR solutions.” –Karen Redetzki, Head of Marketing, ‎Click Boarding, LLC

“As a senior leader I would be focused on aligning the business plan with a people plan.  More than ever, the ability to meet and exceed corporate goals is predicated on the people tasked with the execution.

Personally I am focused on the continued impact of millenials on the workforce. Their needs are completely different than the generation that is leaving the workforce. How organizations adapt will be key to future success.” –Justin Zawaly, Chief Operating Officer at Talmetrix

Q: Briefly, what is your advice or recommendation for companies looking to develop improved employee experiences in 2017?

“Relate to your employees like full human beings rather than skillsets that clock in at 8:00 AM and clock out at 5:00 PM.” –China Gorman, Board Member, Advisor, Speaker, Author of Data Point Tuesday

“Let other people make mistakes in predictive tools.” –John Sumser, Principal at HRExaminer

“Focus on the basics – get management skilled up, get your messaging right, make sure your employees have the right tools to do their job – and then trust them to deliver.”–Guy Ellis, Manager and Director at Courageous Workplaces

“Remember: Your employees are all individual human beings that all have very different needs and values. There is no one-size-fits-all.” –Justin Keller, Senior Marketing Director at Whil Concepts, Inc.

“If you have a poor recruiting experience, the candidate will decline the offer letter. Similarly, if you have a poor onboarding experience, the new hire will leave. My advice to any company that hires is to have a scalable New Hire Onboarding Plan (NHOP) and the resources to execute it flawlessly.” –Karen Redetzki, Head of Marketing, ‎Click Boarding, LLC

“Provide online training opportunities to your employees that both advance your organization and advance the goals of the individual focusing on both hard and soft skills.”–Erin Boettge, Marketing Content Manager, BizLibrary

“Data without action is useless.” –Justin Zawaly, Chief Operating Officer at Talmetrix

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