2016 HR Tech TrendsThe newest trends in human resources point to strong employee engagement strategies, enhanced by innovative new tech. This is an exciting time to work in HR. New tech solutions are making it possible to measure, understand and boost engagement faster. HR leaders are finding more and more ways to increase employee engagement.

We’ve been reading about trends (both new technology and new strategies) that will influence HR in 2016. Keep reading for new inspiration and ideas.

Emerging HR technology will put a spotlight on employee engagement. “The HR technology landscape is changing more rapidly than ever. As CIOs and HR leaders look to upgrade and replace existing HR systems, they should consider vendors and tools that offer consumer-like experiences, mobile capabilities, and predictive analytics—and allow employees to test them for ease of use, not just for features and workflow. The number of employees using HR tools and the duration and frequency of their usage will become important measures of engagement and effectiveness.” – Deloitte CIO Journal

HR Pulse survey shows technology’s influence on employee engagement. “Technology is playing an increasingly central role in learning with a proliferation in the use of online training. It has made learning even more accessible to employees. The [HR Pulse] survey sought to identify organisations’ perception on the use of digital learning and the extent of its use across the various industries in Malta. Findings show that classroom based training remains the preferred method of learning for organisations with 40% relying exclusively on classroom training. However, finding suggest a shift in approach with 56% of organisations indicating a drive towards blended and online training.” – Malta Today

New technology increases HR’s influence on employee engagement. “HR technology vendors are offering organizations an opportunity to gather real-time feedback that managers and organizations can use to gauge the temperature of their employees before there is a problem.” – Talent Culture

Increasing enthusiasm will increase engagement. “Engaging, enthusiastic people create an aura around them. The people in your organization that have this capability always stand out. If they are in leadership positions, their departments stand out. We must create that same level of enthusiasm in Human Resources. We should move away from the lifeless, staid, HR department stereotype if we are going to win this war on disengagement. We have to create a level of excitement backed by facts.  That level of excitement that uses a methodical process in problem solving. That level of excitement that will also allow us to become the embedded HR consulting practice that gets things done, all the time bringing our excitement and enthusiasm along as the guiding light.” – ERE Media.

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