top HR blogs you should be reading
We’re always looking for engaging insights on talent management, workforce analytics and employee feedback. Here we share 10 of the top blogs we consistently follow to make sure we’re a part of the employee engagement conversation.

1. TalentCulture

For more than 5 years, TalentCulture has delivered actionable insights about the world of work, including insights on HR, leadership, social learning, innovation, career strategy, HR tech, recruiting and talent management.

The blog was founded by Meghan M Biro, a globally recognized HR and technology analyst, speaker, brand strategist and social media power influencer. Biro brings her unique combination of experience from companies that include startups to powerhouse brands including Microsoft, IBM and Google. As an inviting, online community that brings executive leadership, human resources, recruiting, marketing, new media, research, branding, innovation and tech talent together, the blog—as well as podcasts and Twitter chats—all continue to deliver meaningful insight, expert advice and professional support.

2. HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby’s blog, HR Bartender, is a go-to resource for “how-to” style help for everyday workplace issues. Regular topics include how to grow as a leader, employee engagement and career advice. Always practical, the HR Bartender serves as a guidebook for leaders looking to grow and develop, no matter where they are at in their career.

3. HR Ringleader

Trish McFarlane, the voice behind the HR Ringleader blog, is a former HR executive and analyst.

McFarlane is also co-founder of HRevolution, a conference that highlights emerging trends and the future of HR. She’s also co-host of the HR Happy Hour. McFarlane’s blog is for any leader looking to be ready for the future—whether they want to know the latest in HR strategy, workplace trends, leadership or workforce technology.

4. Laurie Ruettimann

With frank, direct and refreshing conversation, such as in this post about the role of managing expectations in HR and beyond, Laurie Ruettimann continues to get you to think twice about issues that HR pros can relate to. Follow her on her journey as she advises other HR professionals on how to they can reclaim their work and add value to their organizations at the same time.

5. George LaRocque

As the Principal Analyst for #HRWins reports, George LaRocque shares content that is at the intersection of technology and the new world of work. His website serves as an outlet where he shares the art and science of talent management, including his thoughts on the changing landscape of employee engagement, HCM tech for small and medium-sized businesses, HR tech trends and strategic workforce optimization.

6. SnackNation

SnackNation’s blog offers fresh strategies and ideas to ensure teams are happier, healthier and more productive than ever. “Our goal is to help companies just like yours improve company culture, explore new workplace wellness ideas and increase employee engagement,” they write.

A recent post from the SnackNation team included nearly 60 of the top employee engagement ideas to drive higher productivity, better retention rates, and improvements in organizational success. These findings, all packed into one post, detail the compiled list of proven tactics to boost engagement. While engagement initiatives start with strategy, this blog serves as a valuable resource to see what implementations are successfully working for employee-centric workforces—and why.

7. Steve Boese’s HR Technology

When it comes to talking about tech that can solve business issues and HR issues, Steve Boese is one of the leading voices in the space. For leaders wanting to learn more about workplace technology (and its impact on talent management), this is the blog for you.

While as an instructor for a graduate course in HR Technology for Rochester Institute of Technology, Boese started his blog as a way to help feed his students’ desire for more timely information that went beyond what the traditional curriculum had to offer.

The blog’s audience may have evolved over time, but prepare for blog posts that show applications of data in a wide variety of contexts. At the very least, you will come away with insights that will help you improve your people processes and talent management decisions and re-think what you are doing in the workplace.

8. China Gorman

If you’re looking to follow a writer who enjoys shining a light on HR’s strategies and tactics that can have a profound organizational impact, then China Gorman’s blog is one to subscribe to. Gorman’s blog shares how HR can have greater involvement and influence within an organization—written in a way that can help individuals expand their leadership in the process. From sharing what she’s reading, to breaking down the latest HR tech trends, her digestible insights cover culture, engagement and employee’s experience.

9. Critical Metrics

“Critical decisions need critical feedback,” says David Youssefnia, Ph.D., President and Founder of Critical Metircs, when talking about how measurement-driven insights can be used throughout an organization to grow people and to drive business outcomes. If you’re a senior leader wondering if you are getting a return on your human capital investments or if you are a leader trying to demonstrate the value of your efforts in this area, Youssefnia’s site is a valuable resource for you to turn to.

Youssefnia also blogs about the true drivers of engagement and what that engagement truly means for any business. His must-read posts cover talent management, facilitating and measuring culture, employee feedback, human capital ROI and workforce analytics.

10. HRExaminer

HRExaminer’s Principal Analyst, John Sumser, is someone who knows his way around the HR Technology universe. As a site that focuses on the intersection of work and technology, HRExaminer is a blog that understands how there is no one-size-fits-all HR approach: “Each company is different. We show you the people, systems and products that are changing the places we work and how we think about work. You connect the dots.” And for nearly 7 years, the HR Examiner has been publishing content that does just that.

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